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Whitesnake – Slip Of The Tongue (30th Anniversary Remaster MMXIX) - Box Set CD

Whitesnake – Slip Of The Tongue (30th Anniversary Remaster MMXIX) - Box Set CD

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Package includes poster, 60-page book, and replica tour book.
"More Than 100+ Newly Remastered Tracks".

Disc 1: Original 1989 Album (2019 Remaster)
CD1-1 Slip Of The Tongue 5:21
CD1-2 Kittens Got Claws 4:46
CD1-3 Cheap An' Nasty 3:27
CD1-4 Now You're Gone 4:10
CD1-5 The Deeper The Love 4:19
CD1-6 Judgment Day 5:16
CD1-7 Sailing Ships 5:58
CD1-8 Wings Of The Storm 5:00
CD1-9 Slow Poke Music 3:57
CD1-10 Fool For Your Loving 4:10
Bonus Tracks: B-Sides And Alternate Mixes
CD1-11 Sweet Lady Luck (Single B-Side) 4:33
CD1-12 Now You're Gone (Chris Lord-Alge Single Remix) 4:06
CD1-13 Fool For Your Loving (Vai Voltage Mix) 4:18
CD1-14 Slip Of The Tongue (Alternate Intro & Breakdown) 4:52
CD1-15 Cheap An' Nasty (Alternate Solo & End) 3:34
CD1-16 Judgment Day (Alternate & Extended Solos) 5:31
CD1-17 Fool For Your Loving (Alternate AOR Mix With CHR Intro) 4:11

Disc 2: The Wagging Tongue Edition (Promo Album)
CD2-1 Interview 1:23
CD2-2 Slip Of The Tongue 5:09
CD2-3 Interview 1:57
CD2-4 Cheap An' Nasty 3:22
CD2-5 Interview 2:49
CD2-6 Fool For Your Loving 4:08
CD2-7 Interview 2:12
CD2-8 Now You're Gone 4:05
CD2-9 Interview 2:05
CD2-10 Kittens Got Claws 4:58
CD2-11 Interview 1:57
CD2-12 Wings Of The Storm 4:58
CD2-13 Interview 1:26
CD2-14 The Deeper The Love 4:20
CD2-15 Interview 1:37
CD2-16 Judgment Day 5:13
CD2-17 Interview 2:36
CD2-18 Slow Poke Music 3:57
CD2-19 Interview 2:01
CD2-20 Sailing Ships 5:57
CD2-21 Closing Interview 1:57

Disc 3: Evolutions: Demos / Remixes / Re-Records
CD3-1 Slip Of The Tongue 6:58
CD3-2 Cheap An' Nasty 5:48
CD3-3 Now You're Gone 6:00
CD3-4 Judgment Day 6:24
CD3-5 Sailing Ships 8:31
CD3-6 Kittens Got Claws 6:28
CD3-7 The Deeper The Love 6:33
CD3-8 Wings Of The Storm 4:48
CD3-9 Slow Poke Music 5:07
CD3-10 Fool For Your Loving 4:26
CD3-11 Kill For The Cut 5:46
CD3-12 Parking Ticket 4:56
CD3-13 Sweet Lady Luck (Instrumental) 3:20

Disc 4: Monitor Mixes, April 1989
CD4-1 Kittens Got Claws 4:56
CD4-2 Cheap An' Nasty 3:28
CD4-3 The Deeper The Love 4:38
CD4-4 Judgment Day 5:51
CD4-5 Slow Poke Music 4:00
CD4-6 Now You're Gone 4:10
CD4-7 Slip Of The Tongue 5:25
CD4-8 Fool For Your Loving 4:15
CD4-9 Wings Of The Storm 4:56
CD4-10 Sailing Ships 6:08
CD4-11 Sweet Lady Luck 4:32
CD4-12 Parking Ticket 3:36
CD4-13 Kill For The Cut (In Desperate Search Of A Melody) 4:34
CD4-14 Burning Heart 4:30
CD4-15 Ain't Gonna Cry No More (Instrumental) 4:41
CD4-16 We Wish You Well 1:36

Disc 5: A Trip To Granny's House: Session Tapes, Wheezy Interludes & Jams
CD5-1 Slow Poke Music 4:22
CD5-2 Slip Of The Tongue 5:18
CD5-3 Judgment Day 6:01
CD5-4 Now You're Gone 4:41
CD5-5 Wings Of The Storm 5:37
CD5-6 Sailing Ships 7:01
CD5-7 Liquor And Poker 4:37
CD5-8 Parking Ticket 4:27
CD5-9 Kill For The Cut 5:03
CD5-10 Ain't Gonna Cry No More 1:07
CD5-11 We Wish You Well 1:51
CD5-12 We Wish You Well (Instrumental) 1:24
CD5-13 Wheezy & Sometimes Very Naughty Interludes (Be Warned!) 4:33
CD5-14 Now You're Gone (Revisited) 2:55
CD5-15 Death Disco 1:34
CD5-16 Whitesnake Boogie 2:20
CD5-17 Mike Clink's Shoes Blues 1:23
CD5-18 Snake Shuffle (Instrumental) 0:39
CD5-19 Doodles 1:04
CD5-20 Dementia Polka 0:39
CD5-21 Kill For The Cut Blues 2:46
CD5-22 Cuban Heel Blues 2:10
CD5-23 Adie's Blues 2:58

Disc 6: Live At Donington 1990
CD6-1 Slip Of The Tongue 6:47
CD6-2 Slide It In 5:02
CD6-3 Judgment Day 5:55
CD6-4 Slow An' Easy 7:40
CD6-5 Kittens Got Claws 4:59
CD6-6 Is This Love 4:45
CD6-7 Cheap An' Nasty 4:28
CD6-8 Crying In The Rain 8:01
CD6-9 Fool For Your Loving 5:24
CD6-10 Here I Go Again 5:10
CD6-11 Bad Boys 6:18
CD6-12 Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City 5:56
CD6-13 Still Of The Night 7:59

Disc 7: DVD - Video
Live At Donington 1990
DVD-1 Slip Of The Tongue
DVD-2 Slide It In
DVD-3 Judgment Day
DVD-4 Slow An' Easy
DVD-5 Kittens Got Claws
DVD-6 Adagio For Strato
DVD-7 Flying Dutchman Boogie
DVD-8 Is This Love
DVD-9 Cheap An' Nasty
DVD-10 Crying In The Rain (Incl. Drum Solo)
DVD-11 Fool For Your Loving
DVD-12 For The Love Of God
DVD-13 The Audience Is Listening
DVD-14 Here I Go Again
DVD-15 Bad Boys
DVD-16 Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City
DVD-17 Still Of The Night
DVD-18 End Credits: We Wish You Well
Promo Videos
DVD-19 Fool For Your Loving
DVD-20 Now You're Gone
DVD-21 The Deeper The Love
Bonus Features
DVD-22 Sweet Lady Luck (Purplesnake Video)
DVD-23 Behind The Scenes: The Making Of Slip Of The Tongue
DVD-24 A Look Back: Whitesnake Chronicles With DC & Adrian Vandenberg


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