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War- The Vinyl: 1971-1975 50th Anniversary- Box Set 5xLP

War- The Vinyl: 1971-1975 50th Anniversary- Box Set 5xLP

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5 historic albums from 1971-1975 on Vinyl for the first time since their original release.
Original packaging, with uniquely colored vinyl for each LP.
Limited to 5000 copies worldwide exclusively for Record Store Day 2021 (Drop 2)


War (1971)
A1 Sun Oh Son 5:57
A2 Lonely Feelin' 4:32
A3 Back Home 6:43
B1 War Drums 3:52
B2 Vibeka 8:03
B3 Fidel's Fantasy 11:03

All Day Music (1971)
C1 All Day Music 4:04
C2 Get Down 4:29
C3 That's What Love Will Do 7:17
C4 There Must Be A Reason 3:50
D1 Nappy Head (Theme From "Ghetto Man") 6:05
D2 Slippin' Into Darkness 7:00
D3 Baby Brother 7:38

The World Is A Ghetto (1972)
E1 The Cisco Kid 4:35
E2 Where Was You At 3:25
E3 City, Country, City 13:18
F1 Four Cornered Room 8:30
F2 The World Is A Ghetto 10:10
F3 Beetles In The Bog 3:51

Deliver The Word (1973)
G1 H₂ Overture 4:38
G2 In Your Eyes 4:22
G3 Gypsy Man 11:35
H1 Me And Baby Brother 3:30
H2 Deliver The Word 7:48
H3 Southern Part Of Texas 6:22
H4 Blisters 2:21

Why Can’t We Be Friends (1975)
I1 Don't Let No One Get You Down 3:59
I2 Lotus Blossom 3:59
I3 Heartbeat 7:25

Leroy's Latin Lament (Medley)
I4 Lonnie Dreams 0:49
I5 The Way We Feel 1:10
I6 La Fiesta 2:10
I7 Lament 2:27
J1 Smile Happy 7:22
J2 So 4:58
J3 Low Rider 3:11
J4 In Mazatlan 2:45
J5 Why Can't We Be Friends? 3:49


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