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Rush – Clockwork Angels Tour - Box Set [LP]

Rush – Clockwork Angels Tour - Box Set [LP]

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A1 Subdivisions
A2 The Big Money
A3 Force Ten
A4 Grand Designs
B1 The Body Electric
B2 Territories
B3 The Analog Kid
B4 Bravado
C1 Where's My Thing / Here It Is! (Drum Solo)
C2 Far Cry
C3 Caravan
D1 Clockwork Angels
D2 The Anarchist
D3 Carnies
E1 The Wreckers
E2 Headlong Flight / Drumbastica (Drum Solo)
E3 Peke's Repose (Guitar Solo) / Halo Effect
F1 Seven Cities Of Gold
F2 Wish Them Well
F3 The Garden
G1 Dreamline
G2 The Percussor (I) Binary Love Theme (II) Steambanger's Ball (Drum Solo)
G3 Red Sector A
H1 The Spirit Of Radio
H2 Tom Sawyer
H3 2112
I1 Limelight (Soundcheck Recording)
I2 Middletown Dreams
I3 The Pass
I4 Manhattan Project


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