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MotorHead- 1979 Box Set (9LP)

MotorHead- 1979 Box Set (9LP)

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A1   Overkill
A2   Stay Clean
A3   (I Won't) Pay Your Price
A4   I'll Be Your Sister
A5   Capricorn
B1   No Class
B2   Damage Case
B3   Tear Ya Down
B4   Metropolis
B5   Limb From Limb

C1   Dead Men Tell No Tales
C2   Lawman
C3   Sweet Revenge
C4   Sharpshooter
C5   Poison
D1   Stone Dead Forever
D2   All The Aces
D3   Step Down
D4   Talking Head
D5   Bomber

Good 'n' Loud - Live At Aylesbury Friars, 1979  
E1   Overkill
E2   Stay Clean
E3   Keep Us On The Road
E4   No Class
E5   Leaving Here
F1   Iron Horse / Born To Lose
F2   Metropolis
F3   The Watcher
F4   Damage Case
G1   (I Won't) Pay Your Price
G2   Capricorn
G3   Too Late, Too Late
G4   I'll Be Your Sister
H1   I'm Your Witchdoctor
H2   Train Kept A-Rollin'
H3   White Line Fever
H4   Motörhead

Sharpshooter - Live At Le Mans, 1979  
I1   Overkill
I2   Stay Clean
I3   No Class
I4   Metropolis
J1   All The Aces
J2   Dead Men Tell No Tales
J3   I'll Be Your Sister
J4   Lawman
J5   Too Late, Too Late
K1   Poison
K2   (I Won't) Pay Your Price
K3   Sharpshooter
K4   Capricorn
K5   Train Kept A-Rollin'
L1   Bomber
L2   Limb From Limb
L3   White Line Fever
L4   Motörhead

The Rest From '79  
M1   Too Late, Too Late (Overkill 7" B-Side)
M2   Like A Nightmare (Alternative Version Of No Class B-Side)
M3   Over The Top (Bomber 7" B-Side)
M4   Stone Dead Forever (Alternative Version)
M5   Sharpshooter (Alternative Version)
N1   Bomber (Alternative Version)
N2   Step Down (Alternative Version)
N3   Fun On The Farm (Bomber Outtake)
N4   Treat Me Nice (Bomber Outtake)
N5   You Ain't Gonna Live Forever (Bomber Outtake)

No Class 7"-single  
O1   No Class
P1   Like A Nightmare

The Lost '79 Demos 7"  
Q1   Like A Nightmare
R1   Poison


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