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Metallica – Hardwired...To Self-Destruct - Box Set 3LP 1CD

Metallica – Hardwired...To Self-Destruct - Box Set 3LP 1CD

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A1 Hardwired 3:09
A2 Atlas, Rise! 6:28
A3 Now That We're Dead 7:01
B1 Moth Into Flame 5:52
B2 Am I Savage? 6:30
B3 Halo On Fire 8:14
C1 Confusion 6:43
C2 Dream No More 6:29
C3 Manunkind 6:57
D1 Here Comes Revenge 7:20
D2 Murder One 5:46
D3 Spit Out The Bone 7:09
E Lords Of Summer (2016) 7:09
F Hardwired (Live In Minneapolis) 3:42
Bonus (CD)
CD-1 Ronnie Rising Medley 9:03
CD-2 When A Blind Man Cries 4:35
CD-3 Remember Tomorrow 5:50
CD-4 Helpless (Live At Rasputin Music) 3:08
CD-5 Hit The Lights (Live At Rasputin Music) 4:07
CD-6 The Four Horsemen (Live At Rasputin Music) 5:19
CD-7 Ride The Lightning (Live At Rasputin Music) 6:56
CD-8 Fade To Black (Live At Rasputin Music) 7:24
CD-9 Jump In The Fire (Live At Rasputin Music) 5:13
CD-10 For Whom The Bell Tolls (Live At Rasputin Music) 4:32
CD-11 Creeping Death (Live At Rasputin Music) 6:43
CD-12 Metal Militia (Live At Rasputin Music) 6:07


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