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Kansas– Leftoverture Live & Beyond - Box Set [LP,CD]

Kansas– Leftoverture Live & Beyond - Box Set [LP,CD]

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Limited Deluxe Edition 180G 4LP Vinyl
Include the entire material in 2 CDs

A1 Icarus II
A2 Icarus (Borne On Wings Of Steel)
A3 Point Of Know Return
B1 Paradox
B2 Journey From Mariabronn
B3 Lamplight Symphony
C1 Dust In The Wind
C2 Rhythm In The Spirit
C3 The Voyage Of Eight Eighteen
D1 Section 60
Leftoverture Live!
E1 Carry On Wayward Son
E2 The Wall
E3 What's On My Mind
F1 Miracles Out Of Nowhere
F2 Opus Insert
F3 Question Of My Childhood
G1 Cheyenne Anthem
G2 Magnum Opus
H1 Portrait (He Knew)
CD1-1 Icarus II 7:15
CD1-2 Icarus (Borne On Wings Of Steel) 6:26
CD1-3 Point Of Know Return 4:10
CD1-4 Paradox 4:07
CD1-5 Journey From Mariabronn 8:03
CD1-6 Lamplight Symphony 8:15
CD1-7 Dust In The Wind 3:49
CD1-8 Rhythm In The Spirit 5:29
CD1-9 The Voyage Of Eight Eighteen 7:54
CD1-10 Section 60 3:57
Leftoverture Live!
CD2-1 Carry On Wayward Son 5:37
CD2-2 The Wall 5:23
CD2-3 What's On My Mind 3:49
CD2-4 Miracles Out Of Nowhere 7:13
CD2-5 Opus Insert 4:41
CD2-6 Questions Of My Childhood 3:54
CD2-7 Cheyenne Anthem 7:11
CD2-8 Magnum Opus 9:59
CD2-9 Portrait (He Knew) 9:20


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